FBI Miami Firefight

Author :Ed Mireles

Much has been written about the April 11, 1986 “FBI Miami Shootout”. Two murderous ex-military bank robbers. Eight FBI agents. One hundred and fifty shots fired.
In five minutes two bank robbers and two FBI agents were dead, Five other agents were wounded, three critically. This incident would change FBI and law enforcement training, tactics and weaponry forever.
My name is Ed Mireles, and this is my story of survival and the fight to save the lives of my brother agents on that fateful day.




The black Monte Carlo stolen by Platt and Matix. Photo taken at a police warehouse.
Ed and Jake's Bureau car where it crashed against a tree and concrete wall.
The Monte Carlo pinned between Manauzzi's Bureau car (on the right), a civilian Oldsmobile Cutlass (on the left), and the tree in the center.
Diagram depicting the final positions of vehicles involved in the incident. This shows where the agents were when the shooting started.
Diagram showing the paths that Ed and Jake took when approaching the Monte Carlo.
Richard Manauzzi's blue Bureau car on the left, Gordon McNeill's Bureau car in the center and Ben Grogan's car on the right. The stolen Monte Carlo is on the left behind Manauzzi,s car. The shotgun and red jacket were left on scene by Mireles at the end of the gunfight.
Rear view of the stolen Monte Carlo pinned by Manauzzi's car. Platt was seated in the right passenger seat. Platt could not open the door to get out, so he went through the window to escape.
Driver's side of the stolen Monte Carlo. It shows how Matix opened the door to fire his shotgun to the rear at Ben Grogan. Notice the bullets holes on the side and trunk areas of the car showing how Ben shot at Matix.
When Platt escaped through the window from inside the stolen Monte Carlo he exposed his right side to Jerry Dove. Jerry made a great shot on a moving target. The round went through Platt’s right brachial artery and then into Platt’s right lung.
Ben's FBI car. This shows where my shotgun rounds hit the car as I shot at Platt and Matix. The angle of attack was too severe and very few shotgun pellets penetrated the windshield into the interior.
Jerry Dove's pistol with the slide locked to the rear and the magazine partially ejected. A bullet hole is visible near the center of the slide which totally disabled Jerry's pistol.
Diagram shows where witness Sidney Martin was standing when he saw Platt exit Ben's FBI car and walk to within 8 to 10 feet of my position and shoot at me four time's. Then Platt returned to the FBI car to continue his attempted escape.
This photo shows the flashing blue light on the dashboard of Ben's FBI car as I moved forward shooting Platt and Matix. Responding police officers thought I was a crazed gunman shooting into a police car, which I was.
The rear of Ben's car. This shows the blood trail left by Platt as he maneuvered around and shot Jake Hanlon, Ben Grogan and Jerry Dove. This shows the extent of Platt's arterial bleeding. All the blood seen in this photo is Platt's blood.
Display of weapons on scene. Weapons in blue shows all FBI weapons. Weapons in orange show Platt and Matix's weapons.


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