Ed Mireles was born in Alice, Texas. He moved to Beeville, TX and attended AC Jones HS. In 1971 he enlisted in the US Marines and did a four year tour. He served as a Marine Security Guard at the US Embassy’s in Sophia, Bulgaria, Reykjavik, Iceland, Brussels, Belgium and Madrid, Spain.

After graduating from the University of Maryland in 1979, Ed Mireles entered on duty with the FBI. He is a 25 year veteran of the FBI with experience as an FBI Street Agent, Supervisor and Manager in a wide range of investigative and administrative areas, as well as extensive Undercover (UC) work. Mr. Mireles served as the primary Undercover Agent in hundreds of high level, high risk Narcotics, criminal and National Security investigations.

Mr. Mireles has worked in the following major cities and areas: WDC, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and the Southwest Border. He has been involved in two deadly force confrontations with armed adversaries and has been wounded twice.

He is married to Elizabeth and has three sons, Marco, Christian and Jonathan.

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David Rivers, Sgt. (retired)
Metro-Dade Police Department
Homicide Bureau

On April 11, 1986 the squad that I supervised with the Metro-Dade Police Department Homicide Bureau was assigned the Crime Scene Investigation of the shooting Edmundo Mireles relates in his new book “FBI Miami Firefight”. We spent several days working the crime scene and I will tell you it is hard to look at the ground and see the blood of law enforcement officers. It is harder by multiples to know that blood belonged to friends that you know on a personal level. On

the first few days two Agents were deceased on the scene and we didn’t know how many more would die from the wounds they received.

I bought Ed’s book as soon as I heard it had been published and read it in one day. Ed signed my book with these words “I hope you enjoy the book even though you know everything about the case”. First I don’t know everything about the case, I

only supervised the men and women that did the work. I learned volumes of new information, and will correct my classes with things from Ed’s book.

Roy Huntington,
Editor, American Hand Gunner

Ed’s new book, "FBI Miami Firefight, Five Minutes that Changed the Bureau" is a Can’t put this down read and explains many things that I wondered about.  It’s written clearly and it seems almost like Ed is sitting talking to you about what happened.  I can’t recommend it enough.

Tiger McKee,
Author and Director of
Shootrite Firearms Academy
The 1986 Miami F.B.I. gunfight is a monumental event for tactics. The five-minute gunfight between F.B.I. agents and two hard-core bank robbers changed training, equipment and tactics. In the end the bad guys were dead, as well as two agents and five other agents wounded. Now, gunfight participant FBI Special Agent Ed Mireles has published his account of what happened that day…….
This book is well worth reading. There are many lessons to be learned. Almost everything that could go wrong did. The ultimate story is that of Ed Mireles. He was severely injured, yet continued to fight, putting down the two threats. And, the story that occurs after the fight both with Mireles and the F.B.I. is what’s truly important. Mistakes happen, but they are only failures if we don’t learn from them.
Ed and wife Elizabeth Mireles authored FBI Miami Firefight, Five Minutes that Changed the Bureau. I’ve only just started this book, but already feel safe recommending it. In fact, I’ve already ordered extra copies to give to friends. It’s an incredible story, shows exactly what one person can do under extreme conditions, and it should be read by everyone.