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Ed is a true patriot who served his country not only as a Marine but also as an FBI agent. His career spans many decades of adventures of which he is now writing about.Ed is proud to present book: FBI Miami Firefight: Five Minutes that Changed the Bureau

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My name is Ed Mireles, and this is my story of survival and the fight to save the lives of my brother agents on that fateful day.

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In five minutes two bank robbers and two FBI agents were dead, Five other agents were wounded, three critically. This incident would change FBI and law enforcement training, tactics and weaponry forever.

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Mucho se ha escrito sobre el tiroteo del FBI en Miami Del 11 de abril de 1986. Dos ladrones de bancos asesinos ex-militares. Ocho agentes del FBI. Ciento cincuenta tiros disparados.
En cinco minutos, dos ladrones de bancos y dos agentes del FBI estaban muertos. Otros cinco agentes resultaron heridos, tres de gravedad. Este incidente cambiaría el entrenamiento, las tácticas y el armamento del FBI y las fuerzas del orden para siempre.
Mi nombre es Edmundo Mireles, y esta es mi historia de supervivencia y lucha por salvar la vida de mis hermanos agentes en aquel fatídico día.

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FBI Miami Firefight

5 minutes that changed the Bureau

Much has been written about the April 11, 1986 “FBI Miami Shootout”. Two murderous ex-military bank robbers. Eight FBI agents. One hundred and fifty shots fired.
In five minutes two bank robbers and two FBI agents were dead, Five other agents were wounded, three critically. This incident would change FBI and law enforcement training, tactics and weaponry forever.
My name is Ed Mireles, and this is my story of survival and the fight to save the lives of my brother agents on that fateful day.

About the author

In deep appreciation for his uncommon valor and heroism rendered on behalf of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the American people in Miami, Florida on April 11, 1986. During the pursuit of two extremely dangerous criminals, two special Agents were killed and several others were wounded. Although severely injured, Mr. Mireles fired his shotgun one handed to prevent the suspects from escaping and then he charged the suspects and fatally wounded both. His heroic actions prevented further injury to his fellow Agents and innocent citizens. The Outstanding Services and Exceptional Personal Bravery demonstrated by Mr. Mireles were in the highest traditions of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and are truly worthy of this special acknowledgement.

On November 10, 1994 The Texas Department of Criminal Justice honored Mr. Mireles by dedicating the Edmundo Mireles Criminal Justice Training Academy in his name.Mr. Mireles retired in March of 2004. As a defense contractor he has spent almost four years working in Iraq as a Law Enforcement Professional and advisor to the Iraqi Police. He worked for one year (in uniform) embedded with the Marines in Fallujah and the 10th Mountain Division in Baghdad and Basrah. Mr. Mireles also worked with the U.S. Department of State in Baghdad in an Advisory position with the Iraqi Police. Mr. Mireles worked for a year with the State Dept. helping to train police in Mexico and a year helping to train police in Belize.

My book is an account of my life story and some of the events that took place while I served my country. It is my hope that you enjoy reading the accounts and that you recommend my books to other avid readers of history.

Ed Mireles Jr.


I bought Ed’s book as soon as I heard...

On April 11, 1986 the squad that I supervised with the Metro-Dade Police Department Homicide Bureau was assigned the Crime Scene Investigation of the shooting Edmundo Mireles relates in his new book “FBI Miami Firefight”. We spent several days working the crime scene and I will tell you it is hard to look at the ground and see the blood of law enforcement officers. It is harder by multiples to know that blood belonged to friends that you know on a personal level. On the first few days two Agents were deceased on the scene and we didn’t know how many more would die from the wounds they received. I bought Ed’s book as soon as I heard it had been published and read it in one day. Ed signed my book with these words “I hope you enjoy the book even though you know everything about the case”. First I don’t know everything about the case, I only supervised the men and women that did the work. I learned volumes of new information, and will correct my classes with things from Ed’s book.

David Rivers, Sgt. (retired) Metro-Dade Police Department Homicide Bureau

"This book is well worth reading"

The 1986 Miami F.B.I. gunfight is a monumental event for tactics. The five-minute gunfight between F.B.I. agents and two hard-core bank robbers changed training, equipment and tactics. In the end the bad guys were dead, as well as two agents and five other agents wounded. Now, gunfight participant FBI Special Agent Ed Mireles has published his account of what happened that day…….
This book is well worth reading. There are many lessons to be learned. Almost everything that could go wrong did. The ultimate story is that of Ed Mireles. He was severely injured, yet continued to fight, putting down the two threats. And, the story that occurs after the fight both with Mireles and the F.B.I. is what’s truly important. Mistakes happen, but they are only failures if we don’t learn from them.
Ed and wife Elizabeth Mireles authored FBI Miami Firefight, Five Minutes that Changed the Bureau. I’ve only just started this book, but already feel safe recommending it. In fact, I’ve already ordered extra copies to give to friends. It’s an incredible story, shows exactly what one person can do under extreme conditions, and it should be read by everyone.
Tiger McKee,
Author and Director of
Shootrite Firearms Academy

"...is a Can’t put this down read.."

Ed’s new book, “FBI Miami Firefight, Five Minutes that Changed the Bureau” is a Can’t put this down read and explains many things that I wondered about.  It’s written clearly and it seems almost like Ed is sitting talking to you about what happened.  I can’t recommend it enough.

Roy Huntington, Editor, American Hand Gunner

"Should be mandatory reading for every FBI agent"

I just finished Ed’s book, “FBI Miami Firefight” this morning. Should be mandatory reading for every FBI agent and police officer. I don’t know what my heart rate was as I was reading the chapters on the actual fight but it wasn’t normal. My wife arrived as I was reading about the last shots being fired and she immediately asked, “What’s wrong?” Ed and Liz did an astounding job on this. I learned so much more of the details (and I was on the study group from the Academy that went down months later to find out how our training and equipment could be improved.) The book can be ordered from www.edmireles.com
Bill Vanderpool, Supervisory Special Agent retired (1973 to 1993)
Practical Applications Unit (PAU), Fire Arms Training Unit (FTU), Quantico, VA

"Every law abiding citizen should read this book"

I finished reading “FBI Miami Firefight” yesterday evening.  This book should be mandatory reading in each and every police academy all over the world.
Every law-abiding citizen should read this book, in order to learn the lessons of what can happen, first hand from a man who had to go through this ordeal and survived it.  He knows how to tell the story.
I read some parts twice and even three times, not because my English is so poor and I didn’t get it the first time. But because the lessons are so important and the writing is so powerful.
Do yourself a favor, buy a book and read it, you won’t be sorry.


Avi Mor,

Israeli Firearms and Tactical Instructor

"I recently finished reading this..."

I recently finished reading this superb memoir, “FBI Miami Firefight” by retired FBI Agent Ed Mireles (and his wife Elizabeth). If one wants to know what it is like to be in a vicious gun battle with a determined enemy this book is the best I’ve seen. All Law Enforcement and military professionals, especially those in the training communities, should go to www.edmireles.com and order copies…then put this book at the top of your reading lists. Educational while very well written with no pulled punches. Mr. Mireles brilliantly analyzes every aspect of his own warrior inner-self and the lessons are there for all who may go into harm’s way. Highly recommended.
Colonel Gregory H Kitchens,